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Let Oasis Serve You

Since 1983 Oasis has been serving customers within the two State area of Louisiana and Texas.  Setup with a threefold business model, Oasis services many different varieties of customers throughout the food and hospitality industry and beyond.


As Oasis Foods Service, goods and services are provided to restaurants, educational facilities, gaming and lodging establishments and many other customers across a two State area. 


As Oasis Foods Distribution, an array of private branded and packer branded products are provided to a network of other food distribution companies through a distributor-to-distributor sales model.  Developing this network has allowed Oasis to expand products into many other States through a combined distribution network.

As Oasis Foods Market, thousands of restaurant quality products are available for retail purchase both from Oasis' main warehouse location and online through Oasis online ordering.  If we don't stock the product, chances are that through our network of suppliers, we can get it relatively quickly.  

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