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What's New?? 

Oasis Foods Service and Oasis Retail Market are both companies operated under the umbrella of Abrusley Ashy Group, which is a family conglomerate company owned and operated by second generation "Son of the Family", Shadi Abrusley.  As a way to pay respect to both his Father's family (Abrusley) and Mother's family (Ashy), Abrusley's vision is and always has been, to create one branded entity, which represents everything his family before (him) had started and what he continues to create for the future in what his children will eventually ony day take to continue onward for many years to come. 

Together as two famillies, Shadi Abrusley has taken the "roots" of family business, which started in 

wholesale food service and expanded into many other companies in which are either managed under

the umbrella of AAG or have brand agreements to represent.  

Go to to learn more about all the affiliate companies and brands that are all offered through the family conglomerate. 


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