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Oasis Foods, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Edward "Eddie" and his wife Wedad Abrusley. Having worked in the food distribution industry prior at what the time were the distribution giants, PYA/Monarch and Malone & Hyde, Inc, Eddie Abrusley had a desire to do business his way.  At that time, this way of business meant striving to do whatever it took to satisfy the customer and at the end of the day still put a little bit to the bottom line to build the company.  It wasn't too long after being the salesman, warehouse worker, customer service representative, accountant and delivery driver that Eddie figured out he had a a hard road ahead of him.  That road was difficult and at times hard to cross; however, there's always a way to succeed in the mind of a devoted entrepreneur. 
Now, nearly 39 years later, after losing their co-founder Eddie Abrusley to a rare disease in 2015, the Abrusley family continues to deliver to same message that was the exact foundation the business was founded.

"Telling a customer you can provide unparalleled service to them is one thing, but actually living out that promise is completely different.  We want to brag about our service, but only when we perform do we have the right to give ourselves credit.  Service unmatched is what we want to give the customer".
Eddie Abrusley 
Co-Founder Oasis Foods, Inc.

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