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Food Distributor Customer 

There is not many things that are done the way they were done many years ago.  The world as it relates to food and hospitality is constantly changing and the means of getting those goods and products to customers is changing even more.  One might ask, "What is changing the most about doing business today"?  One of the first answers from the distribution side of things usually has to do with the cost of having a product received into a warehouse, put away on a shelf, ordered by a customer, picked by a picker, packed and loaded onto the truck, driven to the customer and finally unloaded.  This quick example doesn't even take into account a product being grown or processed and everything involved with production, packaging and ultimately the most feared current words in the industry "freight and logistics".  The cost of simply getting a product form point A to point B.  Then once a product get to a restaurant, many more hands touch the products and eventually put onto a plate and served to be enjoyed.  All of this is done and this is the shortened version of the supply chain.  Makes you wonder how we still have a $1.00 menu at some of the Nation's quick service eateries.  


Why is this relevant and what does all of this mean? The reason this is relevant is because food distribution companies by the thousands are all faced with the same challenges.  Some companies are large and some companies are small.  Some companies run efficiently and others run inefficiently.  No matter what, the challenge of the industry is the same for all.  The challenge of the industry really comes down to who can get the procure product quickly, market it in a way that the customer wants it and deliver to the customer most efficiently.  

Oasis Foods Distribution benefits mainly from its geographical location on Interstate I-10 being the furthermost food distribution company in Louisiana to the West.  Being roughly close to both Houston and Dallas, together these cities are two of the most fastest growing domestic food production and import/export cities in the Nation.  Oasis has the ability to procure thousands of products daily and reduce inbound freight costs by relying on Oasis' in house logistics.  Naturally, a product become less expensive the fewer times touched.  This model allows products to be quickly procured and quickly transported to distributor customers.  

To learn more about what products are available please contact your Oasis Foods solutions based representative.

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