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Oasis to Your Home

Oasis Foods Market offers thousands of restaurant quality products for purchase to the every day home buyer.  Home consumers have limited options when looking for specific items outside of the every day grocery stores.  Customers eat out in restaurants daily and lots of times enjoy the food in restaurants enough where they may want to purchase that product so they can prepare within their own home.  No matter the product, Oasis usually has the exact item in stock or a very close match.  If Oasis does not carry the product, Oasis offers a special order program where we will procure the item requested and bring it into stock at first availability.  


Currently, Oasis offers these items for pickup at their main warehouse location.  Customer's are encouraged to stop by our location to learn more about what we carry.  Oasis does not have live shopping available yet; however, most customers like to come to our location to get a better idea of what we carry.  Call one of our solutions based representatives today or get an online account opened so you can view our products online.

We are excited to begin our monthly newspaper circulars which highlight special items we feature for grocery sales each month.  Each month there will be a new circular to view and these items are available for online ordering by clicking this link at top of home page. 

Try out ordering these items online!!  After creating your list you will be prompted to email your listing to Oasis Foods.  Email :

Once we receive your order, we will have it pulled and will contact you will final order details, method of payment and pickup or delivery.



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